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irresistible_js's Journal

Jessica Simpson Community
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This is a community for pop princess, Jessica Simpson. It's a great place to discuss anything and everything Jessica Simpson. Talk about her latests hits, albums...post pictures, what magazine she's in, scans, icons, fanart...EVERYTHING!!!

  • If posting large pictures or multiple pictures/icons/fanart, please use the lj cut tag
  • Please post an introduction post about yourself. Who you are and anything else you want to share. Just something brief is fine! :o)
  • No bashing Jessica or other LJers. No bashing other pop princesses because many are their fans too. How about this...NO BASHING!
  • No promotion of other communities without checking with me first. Offending posts will be deleted.
  • Enjoy!! (Yes, it's a rule!)

Maintainer: teacher_pam